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Upstate NY to Nova Scotia

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Upstate NY to Nova Scotia

I've got 5 weeks to cover a lot of ground: arriving Albany NY via Amtrak on August 2 and departing Halifax, Nova Scotia airport on September 8.

To avoid killing myself (I like to mosey and keep the mileage reasonable, around 50-60/day), I'm thinking I'll need to take public transport part of the way.

I'm considering cutting out southern Vermont by taking the Vermonter line (with its roll-abroad service) up to Burlington--or even farther north, into Canada.

Anyone have experience with this route? If you had to cut out a section, which would you cut?

What are the must-sees, must-dos (and the also-rans) in Vermont and Quebec?


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We did the opposite with only 2 weeks to travel; Halifax to Boston. Mostly on the main highway in Canada, and route 1 in the US. Took a ferry from Digby, NS to St John, NB. Also a couple of ferris near the Canadian/US border. We kayaked 4 times. Lunenburg, the Raven Haven campground, Bar Harbor, and the Charles River in Boston. Rentals at all 4 places (Lunenburg and Bar Harbor were with guides). Good times!

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