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Route through Georgia(country)

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Route through Georgia(country)

Any suggestions, routes, or must see spots if starting in Tblisi and ultimately planning on being in Turkey in 4 weeks or less? Any information would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks guys

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Our route in Georgia

HI Alex,
We rode from Bangkok to Paris in 2009, and the blog post below details our route from Tbilisi to the Turkish border.
It was good to get off the main road with lots of holiday traffic to Batumi. See photo of Chris on some double track that made a nice change.
Route map is here:

Good travels!

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Hi Alex,
I ve been cycling in Georgia some weeks ago. You deffinetely jave to go to the Svaneti region amd cycle the loop Mestia - Ushguli - Lentekhi!!!
You can see the route and some pictures in my blog.


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October November is it too cold to ride in Georgia?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone here has ridden through Georgia in October and/or November and if yes what was the weather like? Average temperatures in day and night and rainfall would be good to know.


Annie and Paddy x

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One of my trips to Georgia

One of my trips to Georgia was the last week of October and the first week of November. (I wasn't cycling then, I was hitchhiking, but that of course still involves a lot of time spent outdoors). I was really surprised how warm it was: t-shirt weather in Batumi and Tbilisi, and even in Svaneti I could comfortably sleep outside with only a light sleeping bag. The country is known to Westerners for high snow-covered mountains, but in the main it's subtropical (it exported oranges to the USSR, after all) and winter comes later than in Europe.

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General things to see in Georgia

Other than renting a bike in Batumi, I didn't do any cycling in Georgia but I did spend a few weeks there a couple years ago. As for general things to see I liked Signaghi and the whole Kakheti region. Aside from the obvious wine, traveling there in October was amazing for all of the fruit and nuts being harvested. The botanic garden in Batumi was great, and the old Roman ruins at Gonio near the Sarpi border crossing were pretty cool.

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