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Ganz Vancouver ist Ende August komplett leer ...

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Ganz Vancouver ist Ende August komplett leer ...

Ich habe mit langem Vorlauf versucht, für den Anfang meines Pacific-Coast-Trips eine Unterkunft – unter Umständen auch nur einen Platz für meine Isomatte – oder wenigstens eine Campingmöglichkeit im Garten zu bekommen.


„Unfortunately ... (ist ganz Vancouver) ... out of town.” Nachdem ich 11 Leute angeschrieben habe und entweder keine oder nur negative Antworten mit nahezu identischem Textbaustein bekommen habe, muss ich feststellen, dass „Warm Showers” offenbar nichts als eine kalte Dusche ist.

Bei airbnb hat das mit der Unterkunft innerhalb von Minuten geklappt und der Preis ist auch noch halbwegs O.K.
Bei 11 angeschriebenen Leuten kann man auch nciht mehr von unglücklichem Zufall reden.

Nach kurzer Mitgliedschaft wars das dann auch mit meiner Hilfsbereitschaft.

Sorry! I’ll be out of town for the next 50 years!

Karlheinz Weiß

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There are unfortunately many

There are unfortunately many members here who only joined for their own personal gain while touring, and subsequently have abandoned their accounts when the tour was done. That's why you may not be getting responses. As for those who replied in the negative, well this is a community of volunteer cyclists who may or may not be willing to host you depending on their own schedules and what else is going on in their lives. Also, your profile is strictly in German which makes it near impossible for members in Canada (who mostly don't speak or read German ...why would they?) to learn anything about you. You may want to look into getting an English version added to your profile if you're going to travel in a predominantly English speaking region. I can read and understand your profile (you seem like a very interesting man) but most others can't.

When I read your comment I can't help but feel that you have very high expectations from a volunteer community, especially when you compare us to Airbnb. Airbnb is a for profit arrangement, OF COURSE you will get better results ...after all, they want your MONEY.

I have to say that I'm actually quite irked by the fact that you're comparing our volunteer community to a massive multinational business (Es aergert mich sehr das sie Warm Showers mit einem Multinationalem Betrieb vergleichen ) and seem to be expecting the same "service" from us than you're getting from them. Do you maybe not understand what Warm Showers is about? ...Verstehen sie viehleicht nicht was Warm Showers ist? We are not a business ...Wier sind kein Betrieb.

Do you maybe not understand the purpose of Warm Showers? Free accommodations given by kindred (and kind) souls if they're able to at the time of your request? There is no guarantee of someone putting you up in their personal space. Yes, Vancouverites love their outdoor pursuits and they absolutely love leaving their busy, noisy, polluted city in the summer to enjoy the rest of our province. Hosting a cyclist for free is not exactly the highest priority in most people's lives, although we love doing it when we can. Fortunately most people actually understand this.

Viel Spass bei der Reise. Lots of fun on your trip.


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Hello Michelle,

Hello Michelle,

I can see no reason why I should feel sorry about the fact that german is my mothertongue. (Why should I ...?) Believe it or not. This is the language I can express myself the best. There is a built-in translator in Warm Showers - forgotten? There is Warm Showers in Europe too and most poeple speek German – forgotten? – and most people in my age dont speek any other language than their mothertongue.
I did not compare Warm Showers with AIRBNB – not with a single word. I just want to show other poeple that there is a other affordable opportunity when nearly whole population of a big town left "their busy, noisy, polluted city in the summer to enjoy the rest of (their) province." And Michelle I do not need any instruction about the fact that the AIRBNB-hosts only want my "MONEY". But it is a fact too: In the age of 64 I do not want to sleep in the street. You can do it if you like, but for me it’s not really a opportunity.
And it is a fact too: It is not polite not to answer me my inquire. Not in German, not in Englisch, not in Japanese ... never ... nowhere!

Sorry about my Englisch. In 6 weeks it will be better. (I hope)


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with your attitude no one's

with your attitude no one's going to miss you on warmshowers. bye

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Unfortunately, several people sign up and are never active members. When reviewing new members, I often delete those who openly state "not available for the next 50 years". This is the internet, where most do not see that you are a person and only see you as a profile, or an email. Good manners have gone by the wayside.

If you have any inkling of English, I would suggest that you add an English description to your German profile. I suggest to anyone who is bilingual to do this.

If you pass through Long Beach, CA, on your way south, drop me a line!


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Hi Ken

Hello Ken,
I do not know if you can see, that my "Sorry! I’ll be out of town for the next 50 years!" has a history. May be we can have a nice evening somewhere in a pub in Long Beach. We will see.


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Proposal for the Admin's

Yes, I know this issue not getting any answer by myself. I also found a lot of incomplete profiles. Most are those of young people, who tend habitually to create a lot of memberships in social networks. And then they forget it simply and return never. So we can see everybody's last visit. And, but unfortunately not in the App, the responsiveness.
My proposal is everybody has to visit his profile at least once yearly. If not, the account gets automatically inactive. And the member will not be shown on the map as an available host. This person also can't ask for hosting, so far he or she doesn't confirm the actuality of his or her profile. It makes no sense to complain about the behaviour of irresponsive members here because they don't read it.

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Up until recently, profiles needed a minimum of 15 words. This is basically 1 long sentence. We expanded this about 2 months ago to 50 words. While still not much more than a paragraph, the richness of new profiles has greatly improved. Nonsense profiles now stick out and are quickly deleted.

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