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Anyone want to Visit Palestine?

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Anyone want to Visit Palestine?

Yalla Yalla!!
thats mean go go or move move :) i would love to meet many people love to use a bike, or travel by bike
most welcome to Visit Palestine - Nablus .
feel free to send me a message or ask questions!
even im a hiking guide thats could make your visit much better!
i have a few good bikes for rent if you dont want to bring yours.
and a facebook page to share many things like photos, or videos and events about Palestine .


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Safety concerns

Hello Ala, how are you? We would love to visit Palestine and Israel but on websites all I read it's safety warning etc traveling (cycling) in this countries. What are your advise?

Kind regards,

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We ride as bike Palestine

We ride as bike Palestine twice in a year many people from all over the world and never things happen .
And I cycling every week around villages , mountains and city it's all lovely you will meet many people want provide for you what you need.
Once you come and I'm free, would like to take you to the best places in West Bank . Most welcome :)

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Would love to

I would love to go to the Westbank again. Was in Beit Jala last year, but not by bike. Maybe I will some day. I would feel save to cycle there. Have done just small trips on the Westbank. like Beit Jala-jerusalem and around Bethlehem, but that is already some years ago, but the Westbank and jerusalem have a special place in my heart.
When I'm in Israel some day, I will contact you and you can be my guide. Would be great. :-)

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you were in south of

you were in south of Palestine .. It's time to visit north and enjoy the defferent , it's my pleasure to lead you around.

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Israel Palestine

well, very sad this Israel Palestine issues ...

... on one hand, they occupy your land, on the other hand they are shot like rabbits ...
have the feeling it is like China and Tibet ( or south china sea ... ), TOOO geostrategic, A GO game.

but lets not give up hope ! just look at Germany and France, two wars ... millions of dead and finally best friends !
... but it is true, the germans sincerely apologize and do not try to "make up" the history ( ... Japan )

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