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Salar de Uyuni, Sud Lipez

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Salar de Uyuni, Sud Lipez

Hello everyone ! After 9 months of hitch hiking throughout Ecuador and Peru, I'm going to start traveling on a bicycle, through Bolivia and then, Brasil or Chile or Argentina... we'll see .

I am currently in la Paz, Bolivia, and planning to cycle down to the Salar de Uyuni and Sud Lipez and cycle through it for one month, with two other friends.

However, we have NO experience of traveling on a bike .. We are all pretty fit as we are all rock climbers and mountaineers, but we do not know nothing about what we are going to do . Therefore I am searching for information and help and support from any of you guys who went over there.

First, we need to get all the equipment, second hand and cheap . I was thinking of going to the street market of EL Alto.

Second, we need to plan our itinerary, what road we should take to head down there, and most important : how to get organized and most of all how not to get lost and die of thirst within the Salar ;)

Anyone who's done it, or who's been there, please share any knowledge you have ! How to get organized with the food and the water, where to sleep, if the locals occasionnally help you - I heard some 4x4 give you water , although we won't count too much on that .

Any info will be welcome !!

Thank you guys :)