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any hosts in las Vegas up for a ride in march?

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any hosts in las Vegas up for a ride in march?

hello! my girlfriend and i have just cycled from vancouver to halifax where will be spending the winter before continuing our round the world trip after winter through the usa, into mexico and eventually all the way to the tip of south america before heading to new zealand, australia and eventually as much of the world as we can cover on bike! my canadian work permit expires on march 22nd so i will be flying to vegas to meet some friends, but i have 4 days on my own before they arrive and was hoping to go for a ride somehwere in the area....catch is i won't have my bike!

i'm flying into the usa and heading back to canada due to visa issues, but will not be taking my bike to vegas. anyone in vegas with a spare bike that they would be willing to lend me feel like doing either a day trip or overnighter somewhere? pretty please haha!!

i don't have much feedback on here as we have been using my girlfriend kelly sheldrick 's account, but i do have more feedback on my couchsurfing profile