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Thailand Visa

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Thailand Visa

Ive received a good deal of info regarding the multiple entry tourist visa and recent tightening of visa situation. That may be more than I need and being currently unemployed Im technically not qualified to receive one. Im curious about anyone elses recent experiences using the tourist visa. Ideally Id like go for about 90 days and apply for the 60 day tourist visa and extend 30 day extension while there. Has anyone done this or similar in Thailand recently. Another thought is to fly in to Thailand on the 60 day tourist visa and ride to Singapore. Though again Thailand states a requirement for onward travel from Thailand that is booked previous to visa application. Im certainly not purchasing flights hoping that it satisfies their requirements for granting a visa.

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Thailand Visa

I am currently cycling in Thailand and have been having a bit of trouble working out how long I can stay. I arrived on the standard 30 day visa given to UK citizens. I went to the immigration office in Bangkok and paid 1900 baht for another 30 days. It was very easy to do. Once that runs out in December, I will presumably have to leave the country for a visa run. Laos is the easiest option I think. It is very unclear how long I will get once I cross back into Thailand. I have heard 30 days, 15 days and even 7 days. The alternative option is to go to the Thai embassy in Vientiane and apply for the 60 day tourist visa. I think it takes a day or two.

I had no onward travel booked. No one requested it in America (where I flew from) or at Bangkok airport. My excuse was going to be that I am riding to the border and require no means of transport. But, as mentioned, it didn't come up. They didn't ask for proof of financial support either. They require you to fill in an arrival card on the plane which asks about your current working status. I am also unemployed, yet they still didn't seem to care whether I could fund my trip or not.

I hope this helps. Don't forget your raincoat when you arrive!!!

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I went to the Thai embassy in

I went to the Thai embassy in Greece and the guy gave me good info and Im sorted in regards to my concerns. Technically they can or should require the flight info he said. Whether they do or not he wouldnt guarantee. Ive put enough effort in to getting the tourist visa here that I am going to continue with it. They do require the travel here so I just purchased for almost 4 months out. I was told that it did not matter when that oneard flight was, just that I had it.

Im also 96% sure that G7 nations get 30 days at the border. Their website is not written very well but I found certain pages stating that was the case. I was also told that when I sent an email thay was directed yo a law firm that handles visa and such issues for Thailand.

My plan is 2 months in Thailand, 1 between Laos and Cambodia, then back to Thailand for several weeks before departing.

In reality I think you can just show up and make it all work but Im sick of reseraching and thinking about it by now.

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