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best apps. for cycling

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best apps. for cycling

Hello everyone,

We are planning a cycling trip in Croatia and Italy. We've cycled down the Us west coast (rather easy following the same route 1) and the Netherlands (even more easy with all the cycling paths and maps) but croatia sounds more tricky.
We would like to download already existing bike routes to our cell phone (i phone 7) from any bike route application. which one is the easiest to undestand? bikemap? mapmyride? cyclemap?


WS Member WS Member's picture is a great is a great application for offline maps

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Bike Routes

Hi M&M - I'm not a big fan of those bike route websites / apps such as Bikemap & GPSies, though Wikiloc is possibly better as you can choose route types and filter the results though the apps don't always seem to work in the same way as the website. The website is pretty good for route planning as it allows you to choose touring, road, direct and other types of route. The app can also be downloaded but only as a routing module and needs to be integrated with another mapping app such as OsmAnd or Locus. is simple to use for general route planning. shows marked walking & cycle trails, useful in countries that do mark trails.

Last year in Croatia we were given a Freitag & Berndt map at 1:100000 (I think) which was really detailed and superb for cycling. The problem is at this scale you get a lot of paper so better to cut it into the sections you're cycling. Planning a route is so much easier when you can see the big picture.

After Croatia I crossed to Italy to cycle from Ancona to Livorno, totally unexpected & unplanned so bought the Michelin map and just decided which way to go each day - one of the best trips I've done but then it's so easy riding in Tuscany as the scenery, the hills, the food are all perfect for touring (or so it seemed to me).

The bottom line; create your own route, it's far more satisfying than following in another's tyre tracks.

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I've found is a

I've found is a brilliant website for planning routes which can then be downloaded to other map apps...

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