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9075 km in 58 days

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9075 km in 58 days

i wanna go in a long trip using Trek720 , i will be alone , From Tarifa Spain to la Mecque Saudi Arabia
the challenge is to do it in 58 days , so around 157 km every day, i have 32 years old and i'm a good cyclist, i'm training all the time, but this challenge is new for me

Please can you give me some advises will help me in this challenge

Thank you

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The man who cycled the world

Hi Mohamed - look up Mark Beaumont's book "the man who cycled the world". His average was 100miles / 160km per day and it was pretty tough going. You'd want to avoid hills, heat and very cold weather as much as possible. Also perhaps look at prevailing winds as a headwind can really slow you down. It's a big challenge and it would be an incredible achievement if you make it - let us know how you get on.

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Thank you so much, really is

Thank you so much, really is what i need

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