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Better ways to find hosts (Thailand) and more.

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Better ways to find hosts (Thailand) and more.

I love warm shower and we host as much as possible (camping only).

But today I was wondering in my own country (Thailand) who is active and how many people are really hosting.

Getting useful information out of the system is a real pain and slow.

I build a spreadsheet to find out who was doing what (online below).

125 hosting Thailand, and around 60 are active.

There is so much useful data in the database but so hard to find hosts who are active and responsive.

The link above is a sortable table, so you can see who response%, requests, reviews and really and simply work out who do contact.

Once you've work out who is worth contacting then you can read there profile and make decision.

What is the current interface so, time intensive, if you're on the road you don't get hours per day to find hosts and go thru dozens of pages to see if they're someone who actually responses and if people liked them.

It's good to see how many reviews in the past 12 moths only, not all time, to be able to compare it to requests.

Above would all be useful for cyclists and I can think of a few more metrics which would be great for host when making decisions about guests.

Paul Hamon

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Thank you

Sawadi kap Natt and Paul !

Good job, thank you very much, we appreciate.
Lucky you ! living in a such beautiful country.

My thoughts are that, actually in Thailand there is not so much need to find host since the weather is mostly warm and guesthouses are so clean and affordable, not to mention the awesome food.
Moreover, it is very easy to get along with local people as most of Thai speak english, which is far not the case in China ( except megalopole such as Shanghai)

best regards,

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