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Ashti cycling organization

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Ashti cycling organization

انجمن دوچرخه سواری آشتی
همرکاب با توسعه ی پایدار فرهنگ دوچرخه سواری
در راستای خدمت به امورات بشر دوستانه حفاظت
از محیط زیست و سلامت همگانی
لوگوی انجمن دوچرخه سواری ، لوگوی آشتی ،‌ لوگوی فرهنگ دوچرخه سواری
لوگوی دوچرخه سواری ، لوگوی گروه همرکابان محوری ، همرکاب آّشتی
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Iran is screwed up.

Being an American on Iranian soil is just putting yourself in danger of being incarcerated for being white and being American. Wake up, folks, it is a scam.

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while I'd not go to Iran just

while I'd not go to Iran just now, due to the awful situation that the country is in, I welcome any organization that is set up for cyclists. Of course I'd not cycle through any of the major American cities ... for the same reasons - safety.

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