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Adventures cycling through east africa

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Adventures cycling through east africa

Hi every one
We'll cycling through eastern Africa ( Kenya Tanzania Uganda) for a couple of months
Is anyone who has done it before?
We need some information to write the itinerary
Also looking for tips about massai tribe, way of living with them for a while

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Cyclist, didn't cycle this

Cyclist, didn't cycle this route but have backpacked from Uganda to South Africa. Not been to Kenya.
Murchison Falls in Uganda beautiful, great for cheap ish safaris.
Loved Fort Portal and the Crater Lakes in the west
If you go to Jinja for water sports check out the African Street Children's Organisation they are inspiring
I lived in Rwanda for a year. I love Rwanda. If your budget stretches, consider visiting the gorillas. Just incredible.
If you are going south there's an old german boat goes from Kigoma in Tanzania down the lake tanganyika to mpulungu in Zambia. Goes once a fortnight. 3 day trip. Amazing experience . I wish you an incredible trip x

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Well I Dont A Lot Abt Kenya And Tanzania But Uganda Offers The Best Cycling Experience

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Spoken (or written) like a

Spoken (or written) like a true Ugandan Mutasa.

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I recall there was the

I recall there was the possibility to WWOOF in a Maasai community when I first went to Kenya, but that was over 20 years ago, no idea if they are still taking volunteers now.

I have cycled through the countries you have mentioned, unless you wanted anything specific I'm probably not the best person to give recommendations. Do what interests you, trust your instincts, interact with the locals, you'll have a great time. My only advice would be to pop in to Rwanda while you're there, take it slowly, spend some time in Kigali and the smaller towns - its very different.

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