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Cycling in Cuba - bike rentals

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Cycling in Cuba - bike rentals

We are a 'middle aged' couple planning a 2-week cycling trip in Cuba, say 40km/day on average.
Our main question - is it possible to rent decent touring cycles in Havana, or should we bring our bikes with us from Europe?
Any other ideas, suggestions and links are most helpful.
Happy cycling to you all,

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Bring your own bikes

I'm not aware of any decent touring bikes for rent in Cuba. There are tour providers with their own bikes but you'd have to individually contact them to find out if they'd be willing to just rent you a couple of bikes. The advantage of bringing your own bikes is that they'll be properly fitted for you. What some people do is bring an older bike and then donate it to a Cuban charity at the end of the trip. On my three trips to Cuba I've always taken, and brought back, my own proper touring bikes.


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