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Advice about cycling Eurovelo 9 (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia)

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Advice about cycling Eurovelo 9 (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia)

I am thinking about cycling the Eurovelo 9 route from Poland to Pula, Croatia in June and am looking for a little advice for those who may rode all or part of this route in the past:

1. What is the cycling surface like (i.e. tarmac, gravel, trails)?

2. Are there resources available such as a) Stage breakdowns, b) Elevation profiles, c) GPX files?



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Hi Lee,

Hi Lee,

in Poland it's guided mainly on asphalt/concrete roads with small traffic. Generally, it's very well marked with green R9 signs.

It seems, that from Gdansk (northern Poland at Baltic Sea) to Mogilno it isn't set yet. I would suggest to use local tracks / R1 / WTR (Wislana Trasa Rowerowa) from Gdansk to Torun, then heading south-west to Inowroclaw and Mogilno - Gniezno, where you will have R9.

There were Polish/Czech webpage related to EV9, however it seems, that it's gone. You can check the whole route (and download GPX track) on!49.2202!15.8075


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Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information Grzesiek,

The GPX route is very much appreciated. Due to time constraints, I think I will travel from Wrocklaw, and all of the route is included in this GPX file.

Best Regards,

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it's probably obvious to say, over such different countries and over such a distance, that there will probably be a huge variability in the quality of the route conditions. The EV9 was not made in a factory...

On one EV route in CZ, we were in danger of falling into the River Oder.... I think in many places, "EV" may be only a road sign and a means to collect EU subsidy !

In general, I found "Pocket Earth" very useful for bicycle routes.

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