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Barcelone to Brusell routes

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Barcelone to Brusell routes

Hi ! I want to cycle from Barcelona to Brussels
Does anyone know of nice route along the way in the 3 counties , Spain , France and
Belgium ! Thank you

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Barcelona - Bruxellex

There is the growing net of EuroVelo routes. ( an I think you coud pass from Tours, Oréans or Paris to Charleroi. The editor CHAMINA has pubished a guide. You can find details of Compostelle - Trondheim on the homepage of my french friends of Cyclotranseurope,
Have a good trip

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Hi, there are many nice roads in France to go from Spain to Belgium. It depends of the time you get and the kind of landscapes you prefer.
Good trip.

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Barcelone to Brussel via EuroVelo route

Hey thanks for the info , I see that I can cycle my way using parts of 3 different
EuroVelo routes ...EuroVelo 5/8/17 ! I've been trying to find a place that would
sale the maps covering those routes with no luck !! Does anyone knows where
I could buy those maps ! Thanks !

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