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Accommodation in Northern Spain in June and July

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Accommodation in Northern Spain in June and July

Hello All!
My husband and I, along with our four year old twins are planning a relaxed cycling holiday in Northern Spain for about 8-10 weeks. As we are not camping, the level of accommodation booking is stressing me out. What do you think about just rolling into town and finding somewhere cheap for a night without booking? Has anybody done this? Thanks, Miriam

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Accommodation in Northern Spain in June and July

Hi Miriam!
I live in Basque Country and I did more than ones the way to Santiago. I don´t think you will have problem to find cheap accomodation those months. Do not stress!
Have a good travel!

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Check out the accomodations for Camino de Santiago - North route

This is usually a pedestrian pilgrimage route, with albergues (kind of like hostels, but specially for pilgrims) on different routes that cross Spain (including Camino Norte which goes along the whole northern coast of Spain). Latetly many pilgrims come on bikes, so the accommodations adapted to this trend and now most of the albergues have a special place to store bikes during your stay. We cycled in 2016 from Madrid -> Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela (whole Northern coast) and then south towards Portugal. If you'd like more details about the albergues (it costs 5-10 euros/night/adult, paid as donations, and they are usually cleaner than regular hostels) ask in a direct message, I'll reply faster like that. Good luck, it's a wonderful region!

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