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Cycle Accomodations Barcelona and cycling Catalonia

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Cycle Accomodations Barcelona and cycling Catalonia

I am arriving in Barcelona with two Bikes packed in boxes, looking for a cycle friendly hotel/guest house/accomodation that could arrange to pick us up at the airport with the bikes. We are off to cycle Catalonia and region for a month. Any recommendations?
Also, anyone have recommendations for cycling north from Barcelona, re: routes, not-to-miss places, etc?

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Hey Andy,

Hey Andy,

A proper way to leave Barcelona towards the north is by train to Malgrat (you won't miss much inbetween), then cycle along the coast to Sant Feliu de Guíxols and follow the via verda through Girona, ending in Olot or Ripoll. It's a good classic way to know the province of Girona, although Empordà shouldn't fall out.

Once on the mountains, you may want to consider two parallel and equally beautiful ranges: the Pyrenees, on the Ribes-Sort axis, with Núria (the only way to get there is by walk or on a cog railway) and Cerdanya as main highlights, and the Prepyrenees, on the La Pobla de Lillet-Tremp one, with Gaudí's Jardins Artigas and Cadí mountains.

Aran is a unique region on its own, where you can visit both wonderful Aigüestortes and Vall de Boí (two worthwhile cul-de-sacs). I recommend to follow the Noguera Pallaresa river to its source.

La Pobla de Segur has a particular atmosphere that makes me love it, maybe for being the starting point of one of Catalonia's most beautiful railtracks along Camarasa reservoir.

I haven't been there, but the mountain range between Montblanc and Gandesa must also be beautiful, and the Ebre delta has some seasonal attractions, although flatness makes it boring to me.

Besides Tarragona and Sitges (and the coastal road from there to Castelldefels), there's nothing to see on Costa Daurada.

If you look for something close to Barcelona, you can always make short day trips to Montserrat, Sant Miquel del Fai, or Mura, a very well maintained and romantic village.

Check out here ( for further ideas, although this bunch of names is already a good first step into this country.

Enjoy ;)

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Why take the train?

You can cycle north out of Barcelona along the beach, there is a cycle path to start with and then take the coast road. This time of year it is quiet (the tourists arrive in May).

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