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cross country bike trip.

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cross country bike trip.

Hi, my name is jess and on July 1st I plan on riding my bike to Pennslyvania from Indiana and then heading out west towards Oregon. I would love if someone could give me an idea on what I need to pack. I'm worried about over packing and not packing enough. I'm not sure if my Raleigh bike will make it that far? and how other people got the guts and motivation was to ride their bike across the country. I'd love some input!

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Hi !

Hello Jess! I'm surprised that nobody answered to you !
I'm not yet a cycling-traveller, I've no idea about the countries you will cross and I can't help you for the gear you need !
how do you manage for the nights ? Tent ? Tarp ? Hosts ? other ?
Your bike has luggage carrier and bags ?
How many time do you plan for your trip ?

(I will have the same questions for me for my first travel in August !! )

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Gear lists and guts

Hi Jess, There are lots of gear lists on, ranging from overkill to ultralight. Ultimately, you'll have to decide what is right for you. Since you are starting out in the middle of summer, I would suggest packing fairly light. You won't need cold weather clothes until you hit the mountains in September (I'm making a wild guess about your pace). You can send clothes and supplies to post offices in advance of your arrival. If you plan to camp and cook your meals, then obviously you'll have to pack a stove and a minimal cookwear set, but these are fairly light and compact. You don't have to pack much food, because travelling in most of the US will give you the opportunity to shop for fresh food daily.
If you're unsure of your bicycle, get it checked at your local bike shop. Try it out for a weekend trip with your full load. If you're comfortable with that, I'll go out on a limb and say that it will serve you just fine on your adventure.
Guts and motivation? I takes about a half a day on the road to shed any trepidation you may have. And it gets better day after day...

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Hi Jess,

Hi Jess,
When you reach Wyoming it is not required, but would be a good idea to get some bear spray. You will want to keep it through Oregon. As previously mentioned, if you know what your route will be you can mail some things to yourself to post offices on your route. Cant speak for others but as a host I have had people contact me in advance and have shipped stuff to my house so it was there when they arrived.

If you have the time get out on several test trips to see what gear you will actually use and what will be dead weight. After you do this a few times you will notice that some of the items you couldn't live without, never got used. I also second you take your bike to a local bike shop for them to go over it and fix anything before you start. I know here in Montana depending on what route you use there are several stretched of 100-200 miles with no bike shops. Take a class at REI or see if your bike shop will teach you basic bike repair. They will have an idea of what tends to breat the most. I have gone out almost 60 miles to get someone because a weird part broke on their bike and they were unable to fix it on the road.

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