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Emory pass

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Emory pass

Hi everybody, I am a preparing for ato ride the southern tier route with ACA on a van supported trip in 2019.

I am looking at internet posts related to elevation and climbing.

Could anyone in our community offer a first hand account of climbing this pass, times, gradient and how long from silver city to the top. I will be travelling from the West coast.

The nearest climb I can do in my home region is 17 miles up with a 1100 feet gain in elevation as a training run.

Also has any one do this trip with the ACA on a van suuported tour/.


Ron in Moe in Australia

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Gday Ron. That would sound

Gday Ron. That would sound like an interesting ride if I could figure out what the acronyms mean! ACA? Adventure Cycling Association? ato?

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Big Hill.

Did it last summer, unsupported. Didn't notice if this was anything worse than in Colorado or Utah. Don't be intimidated. When you get to the climb, point at it and say, "I'm going to kick your ass." Turn adversity into a challenge. That helps.

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I did this pass 20 years ago

I did this pass 20 years ago from Hillsboro to Silver City fully loaded and had no trouble. Scenery was very beautiful. Can't remember how long it took but I am not the earliest riser and it was still light when I arrived ( August ) . Just make sure you have plenty food and water and go at your own pace. Mountain passes are not in your legs, they are in your mind. Take it easy, take little breaks to pee or eat a banana or drink. Enjoy the peace, the views and put into your lowest gear if needed and keep turning the pedals.
Don't know if it is still there but 20 years ago there was a great organic bakey in Hillsboro. They would not serve me as they were Morman ( I think ) and it had just past sunset on Friday. Once they saw I was a tired and hungry cyclist though they gave me everything for free instead.
Then a lovely little old lady took me home for 2 or 3 nights to rest and her daughters introduced to the kick ass cowboy bar. happy memories of that place. Enjoy your ride and training beforehand ;-)

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