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Christian Mission Journeys

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Christian Mission Journeys

Looking for others interested in spreading the gospel.

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Spreading the gospel

WS-members have one passion in common: cycling. Even members who only host cyclists.
Our life styles, political convictions, religions or being an atheist are of equal value as far as they do not exclude or harm/bother others.

With all my respect, you are totally free to practice your religion, but I think it's a small step too far appealing others at the forum"to spread the gospel".
I think your WS-profile is the best place to describe these very personal matters.

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The gospel

My intent is neither to harm nor to exclude anyone. The gospel commands for us a life of love and peace. I wish that all would live a life of love and peace. As such I spread the gospel.

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spreading the gospel

I do not say that you or the gospel have the intention of exclusion or harmful customs.
I only state that our (very different) life styles, political convictions, religions and atheists are of "equal value as far as they do not exclude or harm others."

"A life of love and peace" is not only characteristic and reserved for "the gospel". It's desired and practiced worldwide by most people.
"Spreading the gospel" in general pretends to expose these great words from the point of a christianity.
However, the forum of WS is a place to discuss matters about cycling, hosting and being hosted. Not the gospel.

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Peter, in all due respect, I

Peter, in all due respect, I disagree that "Our life styles, political convictions, religions or being an atheist are of equal value as far as they do not exclude or harm/bother others." You yourself are saying we are equal but then you yourself show that those that do not think like you (bother) are not equal and thus exclude them.

I am a strong Christian. As such, and since it is my personal home, I can and will not host, i.e I will exclude, others who flaunt values that go against my values. Just like you would, probably, not like me to come to your home and evangelize to you blatantly after you asked for me to stop, I should not be subject to the same treatment or expectations.

However, please note, that I am willing to host almost all cyclists assuming they honor the old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans". I will not expect others to pray to Jesus, be of a certain political persuasion, or believe certain things, mostly. However, if I had a Satanic worshiper arrive who then tries to convert me and or keep discussing it after I asked the person to stop, the person would be told to leave. To me, this is the same as if they wanted to stay up until 3:00am on a work night playing their guitar and drinking and singing loudly so I could not sleep and continued to do so even after I asked them to stop.

I would expect the same treatment if I did something a host asked me not to do.

I do agree that the Profile page is an excellent way to truthfully tell a bit about yourself. This helps to avoid surprises and gives a certain level of expectations.

What is interesting, is how you viewed his post. I honestly thought it was more of a "companions wanted" type post looking for others to go on a tour with him.

Happy Trails, John

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...are of equal value / not equal..

Thanks for your reply, John.

It's not the difference in conviction, it's about the fact that looking for members with a certain religion or philosophy are no issues to put at a forum for cyclists.

--"I do agree that the profile page is an excellent way to truthfully tell a bit about yourself"--.
Indeed, that's what I've said before.

--"I honestly thought it was more of a "companions wanted" type post..."--
Maybe Creighton has meant it in that way, but my personal experience was different.

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I disagree that your profile

I agree that your profile is a better place to mention any issues of religion than the general site forums.

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The Gospel

As it stands my interest in cycling pertains to the gospel. For this reason alone I have posted on this forum. I thought that by posting on a cycling forum it would be evident that my interest pertains to cycling. I am sorry if I was not explicit in this. My post was intended for those who are interested in spreading the gospel. It was for these alone. Thus: "Looking for others interested in spreading the gospel." It was not proposed to any other. If you are interested in evaluatong the merits of the gospel I would be glad to entertain a discussion. But my initial post was not seeking this purpose.

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"My post was intended for ...

"My post was intended for those who are interested in spreading the gospel. It was for these alone."

If Warm Showers forum is used to look for other cyclists interested in the same religion or philosophy, we also can expect forum messages calling members who are interested in buddhism, humanism, confucianism, islam and many more.

The WS-forum is meant to exchange opinions, experiences with hosts and guests, but limited to people who are interested in cycling.
Religion, politics and philosophy are subject to personal contact and your profile.

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Peter, thanks for your reply

Peter, thanks for your reply also. Alas, I must slightly disagree again. To me, WS is primarily a place for hosting / requesting hosts while touring cyclists. It is not a forum to talk about cycling in general but more specifically how it pertains to hosting and/or being hosted. However, I believe we basically agree that no one should, generally, be excluded based on various philosophy.

That said, I do believe, if the guest crosses boundaries that are unacceptable to the host (either before or during hosting), I feel the host has every right to exclude that person if the host does not want them in their house..

For instance, if you have young children in your house, would you host a known (via his profile) recently released from prison pedophile staying? If yes, you are a more trusting person than me. If not, you have excluded based on your philosophy as "society" has deemed the pedophile as paid his penalty for his crime but you are more concerned about what you believe than what society believes.

What about something tamer. Should a strict Vegan be expected to allow a guest to cook a big piece of steak in their kitchen, eat the medium rare cut dripping with pink juice in front of them, and keep going "This is one fine piece of meat. You should try it as this is really good. By the way, a leather saddle is the only way to go."?

In almost all my examples, it is the responsibility of the host to establish the boundaries up front and for the guest to honor them.. The guest doesn't have to believe in them of course, but should honor them to the best of their ability as they agreed to be hosted based on the host's boundaries. For instance, if I was a guest at a Islamist's or a Vegan's home, I would not put down Muhammad or eat meat in front of the host respectively. We are talking basic courtesy which, to me, our country (USA) seems to be forgetting slowly.

Finally, I personally have no issues with people seeking companions. Obviously, they would probably want people with similar interests. People post here all the time seeking riding partners for various trips. I see nothing wrong with them saying I am seeking like minded people.

What is weird I truly do not understand what Creighton intended to post, i.e. was he looking for riding partners, seeking other Christians for fellowship an evangelizing (but not to be riding partners), or what. If the former, I have no issues. If the latter, then yes, I agree, he should post elsewhere.

In summary, I think we agree on probably 98% and will just have to politely disagree on the other 2%.

Happy Trails, John

P.S. I think you have got a great Profile page. Especially the part about the "hosting price" and the "no choices". Makes me want to ride in your country again.

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Just looking for people whom

Just looking for people whom love Jesus and whom also enjoy bike touring.

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changed message

Creighton, thanks for your distinct replacement.

You changed the message "interested in spreading the gospel" (#1) in "whom love Jesus" (#11).
This makes exactly the difference between promoting a religion and personal preferences.

I wish you success in finding cyclists with your conviction.

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I am not ashamed of the gospel

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." Rom 1:16

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Rom 1:16

Thanks again Creighton.

This is exactly my point.
By quoting the Bible at our (cyclist?) forum you open the way for other WS-members to quote the Quran, the Communist Manifest, the Torah, Book of Mormon or other impressive world literature.

My advice for the WS-administration: Create a new chapter at the forum for "idealogical topics".
I am sure there is a need for and any new discussion will stir up a lot of mental dust.

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may his God bless him !

Hi Creighton ...

I just browsed your own Profile, and i was very surprised that you make no mention of your (apparently) strong beliefs ! That's odd, if it's so important to you. I suggest you say " This is a C_____ home. Non_C___ians are welcome " ..or, not welcome ..

I notice also that you have Posted the same message elsewhere in this [ complicated] website...

May I suggest also that you try to improve your own Responsiveness rate which is currently rather low ( 57 % ?)

I have to say, while this Forum will probably tolerate your evangelical Post, I really hope not many others follow your example - we are not here for political/religious discussions

Cheers !

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