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A friend and I are currently cycle touring Switzerland and heading north of Zwesimmon tomorrow. We are aiming for Interlaken, Sachsein, Luzern, Thalwill and towards Lake Constance. We are open to minor diversions and would love to hear from & meet anyone able to accommodate us with our stay in this special country. We are often on the road & without wifi access, but my friend's mobile number is 0044 7788928222....just in case I'm unable to respond promptly on here. Thank you in eager anticipation :)

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I see you are a new member, Carrie. You may not be familiar with the processes here ...

You DO realise there are 50,000 members, right ? Can you imagine what this website would look like if even a very few of them Posted as you have ( ie for individual stays ..) ?

Apart from that the " wish list" section is for ideas that could benefit the members GENERALLY - it's not for *individual* " wishes.."

What you need to do is :
1. get the App
2. use it to contact likely Hosts on your route
3. if convenient, communicate via SMS ( you have a phone...!)

I'm sorry not to be more helpful.

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