From north of Germany to nordkapp, July August 2017

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From north of Germany to nordkapp, July August 2017

Hey Guys. Last year I did 9000km around Europe ( This summer I would like to go to Nord Cape from Copenaghen or from Germany (I'm flexible). From the begin of July till the end of August. Maybe going back by bus. 100km per day. 4000km maximum in total I guess. Maybe less, maybe more. Cooking on the way with a stove. Taking the time to enjoy it. Wildcamping, warmshower, couchsurfing.
I'm in Paris now. The best would be to meet up before to see if it works.
I'm Italian, 29 years old, I speak English, French and some Spanish.
Don't esitate to contact me!

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Nice route, Are you going through Rallarvegen?

Hey Mauro,

I am also going on a bike tour this summer and my route is just a section of your route. I will start at copenhagen and will go to Bergen. Would have a week or two at the end to go somewhere else. My original plan was to go to Nordkap and then come back by bus to Kiel but things has take wrong turns. It seems like everything is trying to stop me from going on this tour.

I will start from Copenhagen in the end of July and will end my trip at the end of August and will keep the an average of 50Km/day.
Wish you best of luck.