Cycling across Canada July/August

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Cycling across Canada July/August

Hi! Bit short notice but I’m looking to do a cycle tour across Canada this summer before I start a job in September. I’m a 23 year old male from the UK and have recently graduated from university and am planning on undertaking something adventurous before I start working life! I haven’t bike toured before but I do a fair amount of road cycling in my free time as a sport, so would be looking to average around 130 km a day (although flexible with this), travelling relatively light, and camping for the most part. The plan at the moment is to start in Vancouver at the beginning of July and to reach Quebec city late August, with days off every now and then to go explore national parks and cities.

Would very much enjoy going with other people, so if you are interested then drop me a message! Conversely, my plans aren’t yet set in stone so if you are planning something adventurous, but not in Canada, and are looking for a companion then I may be interested in joining; going with other people is probably more fun than solo!

One last point, for anyone who has cycled through Canada, what precautions should I be aware of? I’m a little cautious about camping in areas with bears, and also trying to find safe roads in remote regions which are suitable for cyclists.

If you are interested then drop me a message!

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Your Canada Trip

I won't be able to join you although our itinteraries will be about two weeks apart. I am riding from Michigan to Quebec City in early August. Riding in Ontario is FANTASTIC. Same for Quebec province. There are a lot of gravel roads but also a lot of paved roads that are not highways that will get you from point A to Point B. I have done two major trips in your corridor and you can read about them here: The bears are real but I have never encountered them, thankfully. I was in Algonquin Provincial Park and was able to stash my Items of Interest to Bears in a campground neighbor's car.

Please contact me if you would like more information/insights.

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Welcome to the world of

Welcome to the world of bicycle touring! If you have not done so, head over to where you can review thousands of journals, some of which will be trans-Canada. Best wishes, John

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Bears dont scare me

I'm going across Canada as well. I can't do 100kms a day in BC. There's to many hills. Especially through the Rocky Mtn range. I grew up in northern BC so I'm familiar with bears and such. No worries. Such fears are unfounded. Ride fearless my friend. Contact me if we can ride together for a spell.