Reading while touring and how to manage books

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Reading while touring and how to manage books

I like reading books especially on holiday and when cycle touring. I prefer paper (for maps as well, by the way).

Do you carry physical books? Do you drag them home after you read them? Or is reading on a screen not as bad as I think it is?

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I read also. I definitely

I read also. I definitely prefer paper but have recently (past year or so tours) have switched to Amazon's Kindle but on my phone app. Not as nice as paper but then it is no extra weight or space. One benefit/negative is that I can read after dark. Nice to be able to do so but then I don't get as much sleep as I would like. Doesn't use up a done of battery. I will probably continue with the Kindle but still read paper at home. Yes, I use paper maps.

Best, John

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I LOVE paper and paper books.

I LOVE paper and paper books. I thought that I would never switch to anything else. I cannot stand reading reports on my computer screen. But, I got a Kindle a few years ago and LOVE it, especially for touring. It holds a charge for a month. It has a nice back light so I can read in my tent without having a weird headlamp and neck cramps. It is light and it can hold hundreds of books. I'm a complete convert.

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re: Reading while touring and how to manage books

hello Geert De Deckere, first off THANK YOU for sizing your photo (great photo!) so it fits in the window.

About reading -- I am a bookaholic. When I tour I take just a couple of paperbacks with me. I don't always bring them home after finishing. I do look for used book stores on my tour ;-)
A friend of mine got a kindle specifically for traveling and likes it for that purpose. It IS the most efficient form of carrying that many books. Downside -- she lost her charging cord & it became a paperweight until she replaced it.

happy trails, Gerhardt

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On our first long tour of

On our first long tour of Europe, we carried 4 thick paperbacks between the two of us. We were always looking to buy more books to replace those we had read (had to be english text) and this was a problem in some countries. Rather than throw them away, we would look for campervans with english number plates in campgrounds and offer our books to them. This would usually result in a cup of tea and a chat with the campers which was a bonus.

Our next tour, we both had kindles and have not regretted it. Less to carry and you start out with all the books you need, and can read the same book at the same time if you wish instead of waiting until the other had read it. No problem with reading at night since a book needed a torch anyway. The kindle is easy to read and has the advantage of being able to increase the font size if you normally need glasses to read. One problem arose when my partner's kindle died halfway through the tour so she ended up having to buy paperbacks for the rest of the tour. Most of our reading is done on kindles when not on tour.