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New to cell phone - how much data does using WS use?

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New to cell phone - how much data does using WS use?

Hi, I just got my first smart phone, and have to figure out how to set up a plan/sim card, here in germany.
Just curious, how much internet data does occasional use, ie browsing warm showers use? It's probably the only thing I'd use the web for, besides deutsche bahn, and whats app, which I know uses next to nothing.
Just wonder how much data plan to buy.
Anyone recommendations of how to go? Prepaid/monthly/etc. I am totally clueless with cell phones.
And would the WS app be better or use less data than the website?
Thanks for any help. I'm a complete noob with these things.

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I notice you posted this in July, and haven't had an answer.

I can't give you one , except to say I don't believe the App would use much data, but I am not an authority.

I will say however, I think the Admin might have given a brief response to your enquiry !

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