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Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer and is having a great trip with or without bicycles.
We would just like to inform people that are travelling through Whitehorse, Canada, that you should be especially precautioned if you stay on a campground in the City. We got robbed last night, people stole 5 panniers and 2 backpacks out of the outer tent while we were sleeping. Unfortunately, we were told afterwards, that this happenes regularly.

At the same time we want to thank the community and great people in Whitehorse that made it happen, that we received 5 used panniers that will make it possible that we continue our bicycle trip. Especial THANK YOU to Kate & the icycle sport staff!!!

Keep pedalling !

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Thanks for the warning. I'm

Thanks for the warning. I'm glad you were able to recover from this setback and continue with your trip.


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