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Hosts near Seoul to Busan bike path in September?

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Hosts near Seoul to Busan bike path in September?

Hi to anyone who might be located on or near the Seoul to Busan four rivers bike path.

I will be attempting to cycle this starting from Seoul around 4th September. With my sound kit!

I am a sound recordist & audio producer, so am interested in meeting anyone with a similar interest - or who knows where I can find some cool Korean sounds to record - anything from traditional folk music, a shamans ceremony, to pansori or street buskers & Kpop!

If you are a cyclist & might be able to provide a place for me & my bike to stay, I would most appreciate it.
한국어 조금 할 수 있어요 ... and it would be great if you can help me learn a bit more Korean. I can teach you a little English : )

Also any helpful information if you have done this ride would be great.

정말 감사합니다


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Hi Diana,

Hi Diana,

You're probably not going to reach many people on the forums. Use the search feature, look for hosts who have a history of logging in and replying, read their profiles and make a thoughtful, personal request if you would like to stay with them.

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