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Cycling from Auckland Airport New Zealand

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Cycling from Auckland Airport New Zealand

Wonder if anyone can help with some local knowledge. We will have had 25hrs on a plane when we arrive so are looking for cheap, but easy options for getting two people plus panniers and tandem (which breaks in two) from the airport to spend a couple of days recovering somewhere nice. We have a tent, but don't mind an airbnb or something similar to rest up after the journey and also looking to sped a valuable couple of days with my daughter before she leaves New Zealand. Any advice on a) using public transport or other or cycle routes to get away from the airport and b) best area to stay to chill near around Auckland and soak up the NZ vibe for a couple of days? be very grateful for any local knowledge that will start our trip off on the right foot (or pedal!). Cheers, Allie

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I did cycle away from the

I did cycle away from the airport. It was easy and not far to the city.  And i think the busses does not carry bikes.

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