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Visa for U.S.A.

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Visa for U.S.A.

Hi, I'm a Italian traveller. In October I will be come in California.  My esta is OK, I asked it and the answer was OK.  But the USA want a a/r ticket for my exit of the country after 90 days. I bought ticket for Cayman island but I not do the check in before 32 hour. What want usa show for my certain exit from the stare?

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Visa for USA


I didn't cross the border to the states without a visa yet but as far as I know they want to see your flight ticket. The Check-In process at the airport has nothing in common with staying in the states.

If there's anybody who can confirm that, please do. Hope, it helped. Good luck! :)


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proof of exit

I hold a German passport and have entered the US several time without any return ticket. Neither when entering by plane nor on the bicycle. But it happend to me in other occasions that I was asked for a flight (or bus ticket) out of a country. Therefore, I think it is better to be prepared and to have something to show to them. Basically, you can buy any flight ticket and then later cancel it. Just check the policies and make sure you will get your money back.

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As a side note, be very

As a side note, be very careful in San Francisco and other large cities as thefts of even locked bikes are too common.

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