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Cycling trip In East Romania Suceava - Constanca - Odessa

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Cycling trip In East Romania Suceava - Constanca - Odessa

Hi, community!

Here we are me and my friend planning first big trip in Romania. Start 16th September. From Chernovic Ukraine- Suceava-Bicaz- Sighisoara- Brasov -  Constanca. 

So question is what is the best secret spots to visit. What is idea about road. Prefer not main road of course. Sometimes offroad. Looking for mountains, lakes and some old architecture and of course mostly for Romanian culture.  

Is it possible to did a part of Transfagarashen in september and not die)) 

And for Black see) Who knows nice places for see - camping? will be thankfull for any advice. As well as anybody will interested to suggest host)

Thank you in advanced)

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I would not recommend the

I would not recommend the Transfagarasan, there is a lot of traffic on it now. I would recommend instead the Transalpina, which is actually the highest road in Romania and now has asphalt along the entire length. Late September is rather late in the year for this route, but as long as the road is officially open, it is safe to cycle on it. Just plan your day so that you don’t have to sleep at 2000 meters, and bring a a warm sleeping bag. In Rânca there are a lot of cheap hotels that should be open all year (because it is a skiing resort), so you will always find a warm place to sleep there.

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