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Kosovo/Albania border question

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Kosovo/Albania border question



I wanted to cross the Kosovo/Albania border in Vermica (kosovo) to Morine (Albania), but google maps only shows some sort of a highway, Does anyone know if this is a safe crossing or there is an alternative nearby?



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From Kosovo to Albani there

From Kosovo to Albania there are only three possible border crossings:

1) The new motorway between Prizren and Kukes. Yes, this is a motorway, but some tourers have said that cyclists are allowed on it through the border crossing.

2) The Qafa e Prushit pass south of Gjakova. I cycled this last year and it was a really nice experience. It is very low traffic, so it can be recommended over trying to cycle on the motorway..

3) The road west from Gjakova leading to the Albanian town of Bajram Curri. I have never cycled this, but I know it is popular among tourers, and again, it is better than trying to cycle on the new motorway.

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