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Cycling from Usuhaïa

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Cycling from Usuhaïa


Are there anyone out there, who cycled Patagonia from Ushuaïa, going towards the north? I was told it's pretty windy, which is why most of cyclists go southwards rather than northwards, but I would like to know if there are people to share their experience cycling in the other direction :)

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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Hey there!

Hi Alexandre,

we cicled this year from january from rio gallegos to punta arenas and then north until mendoza. its pretty stormy in the south, the more you go south, the worse it gets. Trough all the weeks we always had wind coming from west going eastwards. so its exausting to head west and its incredible to fly with the winds, when you go east.

The great thing is if you go north you meet a lot of cyclists, because most go south and meet you on the way. If you have any further questions, just ask!

Bye, Michaela

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Hi Alexandre

Hi Alexandre

I have cycled from Ushuaia up to San Pedro de Atacama in March-June 2015. 

the wind will blow both ways. but going south is slightly easier than going north. also taking photo is easier when go south as the sun will be behind you. if you go north, the sun will be at front of you most of the time, your photos will be back light. 

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Thanks, your site is an

Thanks, your site is an excellent resource for whoever who wants to prepare for the trip. or simply dream about visiting those places :)

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