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Quito to Santiago & everything in between, bike & bus. Jan 11-Feb 14

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Quito to Santiago & everything in between, bike & bus. Jan 11-Feb 14

I fly into Quito Jan. 10 and hope to begin cycling south the 11th. I fly out of Santiago on Feb 14th (I know, not enough time.) I plan to take buses also, so that I can cut out some distance and see as much as possible. I can also consider hitch-hiking since my bike folds. This also means I'm about 10% slower I think, not to mention this is my first big tour. Not to mention it's November and I'm still not in shape.


I am interested in waterfalls, wild camping, a Machu Picchu pit stop, crossing the Salar de Uyuni, and if time permits, a 'quick' bus to Patagonia with enough time to bus back up and make my flight out of Santiago Feb. 14. Lol. I realize these are impossible plans, but I can dream. Ideally I think I would want to spend more time in the southern half of the contintent, so if the weather kinda sucks at first, I would consider just bussing most of Ecuador and Peru. 


If anyone is interested in joining in on any of those stretches, as vague as that all sounds, please message me.


I'll also take any bus advice about Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and/or Chile. In fact, I'll take any advice at all about all of those plans!






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