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Nicaragua/Costa Rica with toddlers

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Nicaragua/Costa Rica with toddlers

Good Morning Warmshowers,

We will be biking with our two young kids (2,5 years and 6 months old) in Nicaragua and Costa Rica during 5 weeks.

We plan to start in Liberia on December 20th, going up in Nicaragua, and then going down in Costa RIca, in order to leave San Jose on January 19th.

The goal is not to make kilometers, but really to meet people, and discover nature (we are not beach lovers!)

Would you have any recommanded routes? or routes that you would not recommand for kids in a charriot?

As I'm travelling by bike, the most intersting is not the destination, but really the path. The only info I'm abel to find is only about place to be, so every cycling suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much for your kind help

Rémi, Rebecca, ELias and Clovis

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