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Cycling from Phuket, Thailand to Krakow, Poland

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Cycling from Phuket, Thailand to Krakow, Poland


On the 12th of January I land in Phuket and hopefully after a few days of rest, getting used to the new climate and jet lag, I will start my journey that will take me about 7 to 8 months. The plan is not to plan to much. I had been to Southeast Asia before but not on a bike. I'm in no rush, my budget is just enough and hopefully everything will go well on the way. I will start in Thailand then Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and there I will decide about where to go next. It could be Mongolia, but could also be west China and Kyrgystan, Kazahstan and from there straight back to Poland.

I'm counting to spend about a month in Thailand, one in Laos and Cambodia all together, one in Vietnam. If anyone would like to meet up, or join me for at least some part of it, please leave a message. Also, if you have any tips, anything useful to share, please do it! :)

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Look us ip in Cha-am Thailand

Look us ip in Cha-am Thailand when you cycle past, we're about 800-900km from Phuket