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Lightweight Dec18-Jan19 in the sun

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Lightweight Dec18-Jan19 in the sun

Hey guys,
my name is Daniel, 36yo, love meeting & riding with warmshowerers around the globe!

Light! Just 5-6kg added onto a racing bike - see profile pic - because I'm a sissy cycling through developed countries only climbing is what I enjoy the most. 

2-5 weeks roughly a year from today: between Dec 8, 2018 - Jan 17, 2019.

That's the funny part. I'm simply sitting here freezing my ass off and promising myself that's my last winter in Europe. I could see myself getting easily talked into something as typical as the Pacific Coast Highway (LA-SF), or something as crazy as Auckland-Queenstown, flyover, continue Sydney-Kosciuszko-Melbourne. Or someplace completely different.

Would you like to join? Just email me: (in Spanish/German/Polish/Dutch)

PS - similar tours: 2015 NL-CR2017 HU-NL, 2018 IT-DE

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