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EU mainland 4 extreme cardinals. March - October 2018

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EU mainland 4 extreme cardinals. March - October 2018

Hi everybody,

I'm arriving into Santander, N Spain on 28 March 2018 and plan on cycling to my self-determined 4 extreme cardinal points of mainland Europe. Lisbon, Tarifa, remote Finnish forest lake & North Cape Norway. Back to UK mid-October via Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland.

Plan to average 50 miles/80km per day with a rest day a week. Will be using campsites, wild camp, warmshowers, hostels & the odd more comfortable hotel as appropriate.

I've done Lands End-John o'Groats in the last few years, but nothing like this. Enthusiasm will see me through!

Would be good to have some company for part or all of it, so message me if remotely interested.

Stay safe, Andy

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Santander - Lisbon - Tarifa - France

Hi Andrew,

it is a great challenge and I would have liked to share a part of the tour with you, planning to cycle from Northern Germany along the North Sea and Atlantic coasts down to Gibraltar from April to mid August 2018! But I plan to start on April 3 to reach Santander around May 20:

But I cycled parts of the Iron Curtain route heading to Finnish Lapland last summer (see and can give you some tips, if of interest. I also plan to cycle to Kirkenes through Sweden and Finnish Lapland and turn back by following the Norvegian coast (Tromsø, Lofoten, Atlanterhavsveien, Trollstigen, Bergen) next year.

I wish you a safe cycle touring year and would be pleased to meet you sometime on the road.