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Morocco-W.Sahara-Mauritania-Senegal (Feb-Apr 2018)

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Morocco-W.Sahara-Mauritania-Senegal (Feb-Apr 2018)

Hello everyone!

I've just booked a ferry to Morocco (Melilla), arriving on the 2nd of February. I will head first to Rabat and then directly south through the desert into Senegal, Casamance and then find my way back to Morocco, probably with a help of a bus (Dakhla - Marrakesh). That means crossing Mauritania twice, with possible detours within the safe areas (I just love the desert :D ) Then I'd like to spend the last 2-3 weeks of April sweating in the Atlas mountains, discovering some hidden corners of Morocco and leave the country again by ferry from Tangier.

If somebody is planning to cycle the area at that time, I'd be more than happy to meet on the road, ride together for a few days, maybe longer. I'm also open to new ideas. I guess I will average about 90-100km per day, riding longer on easy terrain, slowing down when there are more places to visit or in case of finding just the perfect place to spend the night at the beginning of the day...

I'm pretty self-sufficient, generally good at planning, I can cook rice really well (perfect desert food). I speak English, Spanish, currently working on French because of this trip.

Feel free to contact me here, or on email: , or FB:

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I am presently in Western

I am presently in Western Sahara. (This is my second time traveling in the area.) I would strongly advise against coming back north from Mauritania to Morocco. The wind here is extremely harsh, but it blows from the north. That is why nearly all cyclists go from Europe to West Africa, not vice versa. If you tried to come back north, you would have a very unpleasant headwind. The budget airline Vueling now flies from Dakar to Barcelona for very cheap, including the bike.

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Hello Christopher! Thank you

Hello Christopher! Thank you very much for the precious advice, it's always great to have info from someone more experienced. The wind was one of the first things I checked and I know it will be more than two week long self-torture just to get back to Dakhla. But what the hey, I'm still young and stupid, I can afford it :D These days I'm doing my training rides in even stronger headwinds exactly for this reason. Thanks for the tip on the airline, I will sure consider other options. Enjoy your cycling there!