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Europe to Australia

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Europe to Australia

Hi guys, I am a very easy going person. I live in London but going back to Australia this 2018.

I am currently looking for a bike tour partner. I am leaving London on the 17th of June. The plan is to go through Central Europe, Turkey, Iran, then continue through the Stans and South East Asia. I really would like to find someone to have this amazing adventure with! I am very flexible about the route, however, I will have to leave London this June.

I am hoping to do mostly camping, WS, CS or hostels. 

Ideally, I want to go around the world on the bike but I am aiming to Australia for the first long ride. I am sure when I get there I will want to do the Alaska - Patagonia trip I really want to do :))

I also speak Spanish, Italian and a bit of French if this helps. I love music too and sleeping under the stars. So let's do it!

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