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Entering Iran From Dubai by Ferry

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Entering Iran From Dubai by Ferry

Hey All,
I have been following this group for a while as I am planing my 2 month bicycle trip across beautiful Iran starting in March.
I need your help to sort out this as google is not providing me a valid info.

My plan is to enter Iran from Dubai as there are a couple of ferries per week from UAE to the Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas or Bandar Lengeh.

My first preference is Bandar Lengeh as it close and less travel time.

However, I am not sure if entry to Iran is possible via these ports if I already have a visa? 
When i google for an immigration office in Bandar Lengeh, i didnt find any.
Does anyone have experience entering Iran by ferry through these ports?

Love from India

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Hi! I took this route in

Hi! I took this route in spring 2015, so the information might be a bit outdated. To book your ticket you have to go to a shipping company office in Sjarjah (UAE). I can't remember which one it was for the life of me, but google helped us out back then so that should still be...somewhere. The booking was easy! We booked from Dubai to Bandar Lengeh, for the same reasons you state.

However, our scheduled trip got cancelled a day before, and as an alternative we were offered a ferry from Sjarjah to Bandar Abbas on the same day, so a day early. Meaning we had to rush our goodbyes and hurry to Sjarjah. Fortunately we had a ride and Sjarjah is pretty close to Dubai, so that wasn't a problem. Everything at the port and on the ferry was very straightforward, and we had no problems getting into Iran from Bandar Abbas with the visa we had obtained in Dubai. We did arrive a day early, but still later than the starting date of our visa so that wasn't a problem fortunately.

The ferry is overnight and there are just seats to sit in, so not the most comfy, but perfectly fine anyways.

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Thanks Rosien for your info :

Thanks Rosien for your info :) I am planning to go to Bandar Lengeh

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