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New Zealand weather July and Aug

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New Zealand weather July and Aug


Me and my boyfriend really want to cycle NZ, but the only time that he have is in our UK summer. We are wondering if the weather is really that bad in the NZ winter, is it rainy?

We dont want to get over there for 3 months and realise that it greatly resembles the english winter weather!

Appreciate any replies, 

Caroline :)

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yes it is winter time

even in summer time it is rainy especially in the south island 

so winter time it is rainey and snowy 

the days light is very short 

I don't think it is the best time to discover NZ 

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Winter cycling in New Zealand

New Zealand weather is is very variable and unpredictable. It can be good or bad at anytime of the year. I have hosted a number of winter cyclists who got on fine being suitably dressed for colder temperatures.

Winter day light hours are short, especially in the south. Probably more of a problem if you are camping is the length of the nights but they are not as long as in the UK. Some backpacking hostels away from the resort towns may close.

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As with all weather it can be

As with all weather it can be the luck of the draw.July and August is deep winter here in NZ, you might get beautiful clear days or even snow down south.If you dress appropriately and don’t mind toughing  it out you could have a good tour.Personally I would rather cycle northern Queensland that time of year, as the weather is perfect.

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