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Recife, Brazil to Serra Grande, Brazil

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Recife, Brazil to Serra Grande, Brazil

3 weeks of cycling along the Brazilian Nordeste coastline starting on February 18th in Recife and heading to Serra Grande in Bahia....35 miles per day more or less....after that I am stopping to teach a month-long Cob Building Workshop in Serra Grande in an Ecovillage. from MArch 18 to April 14...then starting up again on April 15 to Ilheus and Arraial d'Ajuda nother 6 days down the coast. SPending 6 days there and then bussing back up to Ilheus for a 3-Day Vipassana Course, followed by another 9 days of freedom to play before my visa expires on May 10th....then....????

Hoping to do a combo of camping, Warmshowers hosts and hostels....low budget travel...I speak Portuguese...

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