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Nahla Summers

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Nahla Summers

I received a request from Nahla Summers from England who will be accompanied by a videographer on her quest to get 3,055 acts of kindness across the Southern Tier.  It isn't clear if the videographer will be on bike also.  I just wondered how any others feel about this.




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Lots of information. I find

Lots of information. I find texts with that much positivity a bit hard to digest... decided to look up a video:

I would probably accept the request. I would ask her about the camera person, but could host him or her as a couchsurfing guest. Of course it depends how one feels about being filmed. I would not have a problem with that, but I expect you could determine location etcetera.

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nahla summers redux

thanks Pieter,

 The video was interesting though a bit vague. We are still mulling this over.