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families for a world tour 2020-2021

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families for a world tour 2020-2021

We have a dream - to restart our cycle touring at the end of 2020, for a year or so, with our son who will be 9 years old. Our plan is pretty fluid for now, it should include Japan, maybe part of China. South america (Chile Bolivia Peru). Possibly northern europe/Scandinavia... One standard bike and one tandem, thinking the Pino Hase sort. One challenge that is becoming increasingly apparent is the 'only child'. He is a super sociable kid and understandably loves to hang out with other kids, not just mum and dad.

So we wonder if there are other families out there who may want to join us for parts of our tour. All ideas considered. Tips welcome too!

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you're welcome in France.

Hi !

We are french and we have three kids (12/9/3). If you make a stop at home, you are welcome. We can ride with you during one week in France. See you .David

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Hi! Thanks David, we will

Hi! Thanks David, we will keep in touch and if our tour takes us to France it'll be great to meet and ride with you! We have cycled in France before but only east of Paris :) Maybe we need to re-visit.