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Escape from Hongkong

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Escape from Hongkong

Hi Everybody

I'm going to cycle from Hongkong to Switzerland. Starting in March 2018. I'm super exited to take the trip but am not shure how to start in Hongkong. (My first destination is Chengdu.) Everybody told me that bicycle touring in big cities sucks (I'm a bit of a newbie) and the area around HK looks like one massive city if you check it on google maps.

My first plan was to take a boat from hongkong airport to the chinese mainland and then find my way through Foshan and Guangzhou. However that still leaves me with more than a hundret kilometres through Guangzhou. I also concidered taking a train to Guangzhou Airport and the continue from there but that seems pretty stressful as I don't speak chinese and don't know how to bring my bicycle with all my gear to a chinese train.

Does anybody have recomendations? I also would be super grateful for any tips on routes from HK to Chengdu. Right now I just used to create a gpx track.



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