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SURLY LHT 54 for sale in Tulum, Mexico

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SURLY LHT 54 for sale in Tulum, Mexico

It is time to give up my Surly LHT 54 26". The hardest decision I have taken in years. The bike took me all through Mexico 4 ago on a 3 months tour from Monterey, CA to Tulum, Qroo. An unforgettable trip. You can check my blog at to see some pictures. I will be forever grateful to this wonderful bike that never failed me. For the 6200 km that I toured, I only had to change the rear cassette and the chain once. 
Unfortunately, I was never able to recover in full after a meniscus surgery which I had last year and the prospects for another bike tour seem minimal. The bike is built for touring and so I wish it could find a new owner to take it on the road.
I am located at an ideal place (120 kms South of Cancun, Mexico) to start a Latin America tour. The bike is fully equipped with racks, front and rear, and panniers and would be ready to go with very small adjustments and additional expenditures. The price for the whole package is $800.

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