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Great Divide Bike Route July-September 2018

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Great Divide Bike Route July-September 2018

Hi there!

I am looking for a company for Great Divide, starting in Banff around 3rd July 2018. More or less the ´classical´ route (see )

Plan is around 50km/per day in more difficult parts and around 100 km in easier (on road) parts. Low-cost in terms of accommodation (tent) and food (stove). 

I probably already have one ´team-member´. So we are two of us so far - myself and one British gentleman. Ideally I would cycle in group of 4 or 5. 


Something about myself - Pros and cons:


I am chatty. Super chatty. So chatty that bears will hear us 10km away (Yes, I do only km - no miles, no feets, no other nonsense - especially no gallons) 

I actually live and work in Banff nowadays so I am not going to´give up´ when finding out how much it would cost me to get to the trail-head. I live just by the trail-head. I do - literally. 

Well, I do have experience with bears. I am not Bear Grylls but I have been close to some (incl. grizzly) and I manage to keep calm, say ´Hi Bear!´ and go home safely. Does not mean really anything but the fact that I wont give up finding out that ´there are bears in Rocky Mountains´ :) 

I am funny (you have already figure out this :))



I do not eat animals. I dont - really. And I talk a lot about not eating animals. I even wanna write blog or something about ´How I cycled Great Divided without eating a single animal´ (if I will cycle it - maybe some animal will eat me). BTW no, I am not hipster. I dont eat animals since 1999. I come from Czech. In 1999 in Czech nobody knew what´s hipster and nobody knew is possible to live without eating animals. 

I am Czech. I complain about beer everywhere I go (cause we have both - the best and the cheapest beer in the world - I mean both together - in one pint). Luckily enough I dont drink (I mean I dont drink much). 


Still reading?

OK, leave me a message in here or on FB if you are still interested in spending 2.5 months with me on a bike.



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I like your post.  While I

I like your post.  While I won't be doing the Divide this year, I always try to get info on it.  Was a tough ride, especially down south.  Anyway, I chuckled about the no feet, gallons, etc. rules.  You will most likely need to alter that as if you go into a store and order something in grams, liters, etc., they will give you a deer in the headlights look trying to figure out what you said or worse think you are a drug dealer since you always read int the paper about 100 kilo of pot was seized.  I give you until Wyoming before you start screaming "NO!  One tenth of a  kilo is about quarter pound!.  Oh Hell, just cut off a big hunk of cheese will ya!  I need something to eat with this lousy expensive beer you sell."  Wishing you a wonderful trip!

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Hi, it was a joke. I live in

Hi, it was a joke. I live in Canada, working in tourism. I do feets and even ounces ;)

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I would ride with you for sure

Hi there and just read your post for your bike adventure this Summer. I am planning and deciding on what my cycling is going to be this year. I just want to say here that after i read your post that yeah I wouldlike to ride with a human like this. Fun nnnyyy yet actually in the depths of your thinking also serious and responsible. I am not vegan yet have been wanting to challenge myself to go that route. So may make this happen this year. My thinking that the food/fuel scenario with being out on the road/trails is much better with outthe juicey animal meats. I mean....? I am not going tk be touching any of that now out of dumpsters(if i needed to eat) with any of that . So might as well start rraing myself now then. Also my profile is in disarray.  And stuck at over staying my welcome

 Good story sometime. Why is everyone but me so darn tootin perfect? Wrll at least I dont look for palseu matters to make myself look better. Anyways...yyueeeeaaahhhhhhh!


Thinking of making my own companions post.Great Divide ride? Sounds freakin stupendous!

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Typo corrections. I must remind myself to have it all legible before posting.*palsey training

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Hi, thanks for replay! I am

Hi, thanks for replay! I am sending you PM :)

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make sure you are aware of the threat on the route through glacier NP. Guy got eaten last year and a few racers had close calls.