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Act Now! - Bike Ride: starting in spring 2019 from central europe

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Act Now! - Bike Ride: starting in spring 2019 from central europe

Act Now! Bike Ride

Global Warming is the biggest challenge of human kind. The
Carbon Budget is shrinking rapidly. The contributions of the
governments are insufficient to stay below 2° of warming.
That’s why we have to organize the decarbonization by our
own. We can’t wait for politicians to act, because they won’t.

The idea is, to make a large cycle tour, starting in spring 2019
in central Europe. On the tour, we would raise awareness that
we have to act now to prevent the worst consequences, caused
by the global temperature rise.

Why by bike?
The bicycle is a great way of sustainable transportation. No
vehicle is more efficient than the bicycle. 40 Kilometers of
cycling need 1000 kcal of renewable energy (food). A car could
drive with 1000 kcal of fossil energy only less than two
kilometers. By sleeping outside and using the bicycle for
transportation, we reduce our footprint to a minimum.

What has to be done?
Global greenhouse gas emissions have to
peak not later than 2020. From that point,
we have to halve the global greenhouse
gas emissions each decade, to reach the
2° goal with a probability of more than
66 %. (Source: Rockström Et Al 2017)

Please contact or Answer here, if you are
interested in creating awareness for a sustainable future.

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We're enetering Mini Ice Age....

Due we're in Grand Solar Minimum, already:



Human kind should be worried about coming  cold period, which is going to last till 2050 or even to 2100. By the way Co2 causes earth atmosphere to cool. ->

Take care!