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What is the current status of the WS site code?

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What is the current status of the WS site code?

What are the details of the license it appears under?

Why was the community not consulted nor even informed regarding the move away from open source code?

Was the reason for the switch to proprietary code really security through obscurity as explained by Ken Francis: 'Code must now be protected in order to keep the website and membership information safe.' [ ] ?

Are there people involved with Warmshowers who are familiar with the code and able to debug problems or add new features? If not how will necessary corrections/additions be handled in the future?

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Code status and governance.

I am just a recent member of warmshowers, and have not hosted or been a guest yet. 

As a keen cyclist I was intrigued with the idea.

As a Free and Libre and Opensource software advocate I am dismayed that there seems to be a move away from the sites open-source roots, without community consultation. I'm not fully aware of the history, but surely the admins should conduct all affairs of the community in an open and transparent manner?

I hope this isn't a move towards a commercialized, Facebook-like, data-grabbing model of operations.

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As far as I know the code isn

As far as I know the code isn't open since they switched to the new site. Apparently they had third parties develop their new web application which are hostile towards open sourcing code. I don't find the post anymore but in one forum post a board member also argued that the web site is more secure if the code isn't public anymore (which of course is Security through obscurity and is widely considered false).

BeWelcome also had their web site redone but still believe in Open Source software. If you aren't a member already I suggest you also become a member there to support open hospitality platforms.

EDIT: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention when reading your post... you already made the "Security through obscurity"-argument.

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The third-party developer is

The third-party developer is

Or may was? Someone who developed the WS site has now left upleaf:


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No longer Upleaf

Upleaf turned into Skvare

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Ah, is that why I now see

Ah, is that why I now see many old posts by Randy Fay that now are attached to the account Skvare? Confusing.

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Official Logo

Hello Pieter, thanks for your reply in the other forum.

@anyone else:
What is the official logo of WS?
I counted 9 versions. Which one am I allowed to put into Wikipedia?

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