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Sweden: taking bikes on trains

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Sweden: taking bikes on trains

hey warmshowerers,

trying to work out logistics for a summer tour in scandinavia: at one point i'd like to get the train from stockholm to copenhagen (either directly or via gothenburg), but i have heard that bikes on trains are a BIG NO NO in sweden. anyone know any ways of getting around this? don't really want to box it as i'll have a big trailer too...

thanks in advance for any useful snippets,


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Taking bikes on trains in sweden

Hi Jamie,

You’re right.. the main operator SJ does not allow bikes, even as mtr express.. (they have the ‘long distance trains’). However, many local train operators do allow bikes, even as öresundståg (between copenhagen and göteborg and copenhagen-växjo-Kalmar) and some bus operators such as swebus (then you have to pack your bike though). Also the Norwegian trains NSB allow bikes, so from copenhagen to oslo is no problem. You could try to go from stockholm to Alvesta or Kalmar by local trains/bus and then take öresundståg to Copenhagen.. you might find a way around it, but it just might take a bit longer. Here I have a list of train operators who do and do not allow bikes (in Swedish):

good luck!!

All best, Emke

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wow, thanks for that advice

wow, thanks for that advice and link, emke! (google translate can help me with the swedish) it's tricky, but it doesn't look quite as bad as i was led to believe...

and as you say, it looks much easier if i'm in oslo and i want to take the train to copenhagen with my bike + trailer!



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Request for advice

Hello dear warmshowers,

I am planning a cycling tour in Norway and Sweden, and I need some tips and suggestions from local cyclists; for example, where can I find cheap second hand bikes in Stockholm? what are the best roads ( with natural views)  which I can take during my trip. I am planning to start my trip from Stockholm towards oslo then go to the North of Norway.


So, any tips, suggestions, advice are welcome.

Thanks in advance